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About IHI

Independent Home Inspection has been serving Greater Cincinnati since 1997.  Our mission is to  provide our clients with knowledgeable unbiased information on the property they are buying or selling, to help them make an informed decision. 

At present, the State of Ohio does not regulate or license home inspectors. Anybody with a business card or a website can represent themselves as a home inspector.  An incorrect evaluation by an inexperienced or unqualified inspector could have serious consequences for a potential homeowner.

Our inspectors arrive with all tools and equipment necessary to do a complete inspection, including ladders, assorted electrical testers, pressure gauges, gas leak and Carbon Monoxide detectors, moisture meters, measuring devices, as well as other hand and specialty tools.

We have been certified by The American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI), the oldest and foremost home inspection trade group in North America (see below).  ASHI has strict requirements for their members as far as competence, ethics, experience, and continuing education. Our inspectors are also licensed to do Radon monitoring (RT-624) and can arrange for Termite/Wood destroying insect inspections by a licensed pest control specialist.

Our home inspection covers all major components, from foundation to roof, as well as hundreds of other items and meet or exceed general home inspection standards.

Our home inspection includes a detailed computer generated inspection report with pictures that is concise and easy to follow. There are no long narratives to read, codes to interpret, or dozens of pages to wade through.

We are always available during and after the purchase process to assist you with any questions that may arise with the inspection itself, or with general repair or maintenance issues. You will always deal with the owners/inspectors, not a call center or franchise office.

A Note About Certification

One question that we are often asked is if we are certified. Almost every inspector has some type of certification, but what exactly does that mean? There are some organizations that will "certify" anyone for simply paying a fee with no requirements for experience or ability .

ASHI is the oldest and most respected home inspection organization in North America. While a certification in ASHI is only one measure of an inspector's proficiency, it can at least assure you that your inspector has met a higher standard for skill and professionalism. We recommend that you ask your inspector about their credentials and qualifications as well as that of their certifying organization. More information on ASHI can be found at .

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